Frankton Elementary School

FES Faculty 



Jamie Shepherd

Laura Melvin    

Teresa Clark    



Gina Stuckey   

Jessica Patton   

Jessica Custer  

Laurie Yeung   

Nannette Rastetter


First Grade

Carrie Niccum 

Cera McCord    

Meghan Hersberger

Shawna Harrison

Shayna Salway 



Second Grade

Brandy Baldwin

Gail Small       

Jenny Hoss     

Jessica Foster

Nicole Williams


Third Grade

Amanda Neff 

Cheryl Farrell

Kathy Stoops 

Melissa Klabunde

Susanne Shively


Fourth Grade

Laura Spaulding

Mary Mathis-Hazen

Matt Wiseman

Toni Qualls    


Fifth Grade

Loris Morris 

Kyle Pomerenke

Mark Hartley

Tifinie Voiles

Valerie Williams


Sixth Grade

Brittney Walsh

Krista Harrison

Laura Dellinger

Rachel Friend

Terry Ward  


Specials Teacher

Art - Jenna Betz        

Computer - Kayla Downey

Gym - Ron Buck         

Library - Chantell Detling

Music - Rhonda Kuntz


Special Education Resource

Alicia King   

Beth Hartley

Daniel Huston

Sherry Eads 


Life Skills

Becky Nottingham

Natosha Brooks



Ramona Brown

Caryn Norris








Upcoming Events





  • Jan. 15 - Martin Luther King Day - School in session
  • Jan. 16 - Two 4th Grades to Conner Prairie - STEM
  • Jan. 16 - Snowball Dance fro Grades 3-6th 3:00 - 4:15
  • Jan. 17 - Two 4th Grades to Conner Prairie - STEM
  • Jan. 20 - Mother/Son Dance
  • Jan. 24 - Family Science Night at the High School
  • Jan. 25 - LEAD Day - Think Win-Win

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