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Medication Procedures


These are the medication procedures that we are required to follow according to Indiana state law:

The purpose of administering medication in school is to help each student maintain am optimal state of health to enhance his/her educational plans. Medications should be given at home whenever possible. Medications given during school hours should be only those necessary to provide the student access to his educational program.

  1. A medication form must be signed and completed by the parent of the student who is to receive medication.
  2. Medications prescribed for a student are to be in the original container with pharmacy label and student’s name affixed.
  3. All permission for long-term medication shall be renewed at least annually.
  4. Over-the-counter medications must be brought in with the manufacturer’s original label with the ingredients’ list and the student’s name affixed to the original package.
  5. **IMPORTANT** The parent is responsible for assuring the medication arrives safely at school in a properly labeled container with written permission. Medications WILL NOT be given without a proper written authorization. This includes TYLENOL, ADVIL, MOTRIN ETC.
  6. The parent/guardian is responsible at the end of the treatment regime for removing form the school any unused medication which was prescribed for his child. If the parent does not pick up the medication by the end of the school year, it will be disposed of.

There are permission slips for medication at the front desk that you may fill out in advance for Tylenol, Advil, etc. According to policy, if your child does not have a permission slip on file, we can not dispense medication. Phone permission is not permitted.

If your child brought medicine to school this year, please remember to come to the office and pick it up during regular office hours by June 1. Any medication remaining after that date will be properly disposed of. For next year, if your child needs to take medicine at school, please complete a new permission form and bring it to school along with the medicine. If your child must carry an inhaler with him/her, you must also complete a permission form and return it to the school nurse. Permission forms need to be renewed each year. I

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